Our Professional Services

Groupage Services

As a commitment to providing service efficiency, Scorpion Logistics has endeavoured to establish fixed date stuffing for worldwide distribution, in consonance with the shipping schedules of premium carriers. Our operations are smoothened out with the help of our Associates who are strategically located across the world. They are essentially handpicked professional organisations linked up to form a highly response-led and effective Scorpion Logistics global network.

Door to Door Logistics

Scorpion Logistics specialises in offering services that span Shipping Documentation, Customs Clearance, Cargo Insurance, Warehousing and Local Distribution as a part of its Door-to-Door Logistics Service. That's the Convenience of a Single Window Advantage. In essence, you can hand over the documents to us and we will deliver the cargo at your doorstep, almost anywhere in the world.

Chemical / Liquid Bulk Logistics

Scorpion Logistics provides intermodal supply chain management and unrivalled door-to-door logistical services to clients who require to move, store and discharge bulk loads of liquid product commodities such as hazardous chemicals, refrigerated foodstuffs and other liquid bulk logistics. Be it in tank containers, flexitanks, IBC’s, drums or any other means of transport, we provide our customers with the most economical solution to their transport needs. Our vast network composes of a solid infrastructure throughout the world and will not let you down. Your detailed request will be processed taking all economics, hazardous cargo regulations and business risks into account.

Buyer Consolidation

Buyer Consolidation is our core activity and capability. We can receive cargo from multi-vendors at any of our warehouses and custom load containers to suit your requirements. This would translate into more speedy delivery at destination and the container can be unloaded at the stores directly. We are continuously striving to provide logistics solutions to our customers which gives them the leading edge information on their products. We have a broad menu of services that covers the whole supply chain management and on-time information on the products. Scorpion Logistics can also provide to its customers both Origin and Destination services pertaining to their valuable cargoes. Scorpion Logistics is well connected globally to serve the customer by giving real-time information on the product as it travels through the supply chain. Your information security is our prime concern. We also have EDI transfers that can be tailor-made to suit your information requirements.

Customs Clearance

Qatar is very strict when it comes to the documentation part for Customs clearance. A well designed and well-managed customs clearance program reduces cycle times and lowers overall cost. Our 10 years plus experienced staff understands the Customs requirements that help to clear shipments smoothly. Our experts can guide the customers on the preparation of documents as required by Customs. We help in getting required approvals from government entities for different kinds of products. For example – EPC/ministry of environment approvals for Chemical shipment, ICT – for products related to communication, Civil defence approval for fire-related goods etc.


Close coordination is required when it comes to transportation services in Qatar. Our team works 24x7 to closely follow with the drivers, Customs agents and clients. We make sure that the shipments are cleared and delivered on time to the customs ensuring no additional cost to the customers.

Packing & Removals

Scorpion Logistics is equipped with skilled persons in Industrial packing, handling personal effects and professionals in dismantling and moving heavy equipment.

Lashing & Securing Heavy Equipment

Scorpion Logistics delivers the right solutions and right service to its valued customers at the right time and right price. Stuffing and lashing of the cargoes are also carried out professionally by ensuring the quality of materials used for lashing the cargoes.

Warehousing & Distributions

Scorpion logistics handles general and cold storage warehousing facilities and manages storage and distribution services for leading companies in Qatar. We have customers who are international branded companies and some freight forwarders as well.

Documents Consultancy

We understand the Qatar Customs/port rules and regulations and their procedure. We thus can guide on the documents required for customs clearance, approvals required from respective ministries, chambers etc. We can guide on required approval prior to the shipment arrivals.

Project Handling

Cargoes come in all shapes and sizes and cannot always be squeezed into a standard container. From military tanks to road-building machinery, oil drilling to specialist garments, scorpion logistics has the experience and know-how to safely transport freight that cannot be containerized. We have Out of Gauge (OOG) and special cargo handling facilities and equipment available globally to support your project and heavy shipments from origin to destination.

Events & Exhibitions

Exhibitions and special events require detailed planning due to their complex logistical requirements. Scorpion logistics provides a complete scope of event logistics and transportation services through our skilled team of exhibition experts. Our professional and reliable partners are available around the clock, 365 days per year, to deliver.

  • Planning and consultancy services

  •  Door to door services and on-site lifting

  •  Porter service and stock replenishment

  •  On-site project supervision by specialized staff

  •  Customs clearance & documentation

  •  Dedicated services for specialized movement of theatre scenery,

  • musical instruments, fine art and more

  •  Supervision during loading and unloading

  •  Assistance with unpacking, delivery to stand, repacking, return

  • of merchandise or forwarding to a new destination

  • Storage and integrated logistics

Trading / Sourcing

Our parent company is in business since 2009 with a trading license and can import all products for our clients. We source materials required for our customers, arrange freight, Customs clearance, transport and warehousing under a single-window i.e Procurement and logistics.

Aircraft Chartering

Our Strategic Relations with several Carriers, Operators & broking Companies allows us to reach the entire world, whatever be the required origin or destination. This platform offers unparalleled access to the world's key trade lanes, connecting global markets seamlessly for Specialised & Critical loads for all JUST IN TIME Deliveries.